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One Day Private Mount Sumbing Trekking Tour Via Mangli Kaliangkrik Magelang

One Day Private Mount Sumbing Trekking Tour Via Mangli Kaliangkrik Magelang

Hiking to Mount Sumbing Summit Via Mangli Kaliangkrik Magelang

Mount Sumbing or Gunung Sumbing is one of the Indonesian volcanoes and is an active stratovolcano, located at Central Java. Standing 3371 meters above sea level, with formed hot springs at the southwest foot of the volcano, and 180-meter long crater lake, and ranks third highest mountain next to Mount Slamet and Mount Semeru. It is located administratively in 3 district of Temanggung, Wonosobo and Magelang. The mountain is considered as active volcanoes, whereby its peak consists of an 800 m wide crater which offers an amazing landscape a hillside of white rocks, steaming sulphur gases, bubbling water and mud pools and rivers of Sulphur – a view that you can enjoy from short distance upon summiting. Hikers can also enjoy a beautiful savanna and small sea of sand which located not far from the crater. This could be one good option for those who are looking for an easy to moderate volcano adventure and explore the hidden paradise of Central Java, Indonesia.

Our program will be going via Mangli Kaliangkrik Magelang Trail to avoid the muddy and destroyed main trail.

Time Schedule :

20.00 Pick up at your hotel in Yogyakarta then drive to Base Camp Mangli Kaliangkrik, Magelang
22.30 Arrive at Base Camp Mangli Kaliangkrik, Magelang
23.00 Coffee or tea break, simple briefing, meet up with the guide, and preparing
23.45 Registration
00.00-00.15 Basecamp 1458 mdpl to Post 1 by Motorbike Ojek
00.15-01.15 Post 1 ( Kongsen )1.755 mdpl to Post 2 (Siruwet) 

01.30-02.45 Post 2 (Siruwet)2.227 mdpl to Post 3 ( Sunrise Camp)

02.45-04.35 Post 3 ( Sunrise Camp) 2.647 mdpl to Post 4 ( Pohon Tunggal)

04.35-05.15 Sunrise
05.15-06.30 post 4  ( Pohon Tunggal ) 3005 mdpl - Puncak Sejati 3345 Mdpl

07.00-10.00 Go back to starting point
10.30 Back to Yogyakarta or next destination
12.30 Arrive at Yogyakarta

Price per person in Indonesian Rupiahs :

PAX CUR 1 2 3-UP
FOREIGNER ( English Speaking Guide ) IDR 3.350.000 2.100.000 1.700.000

Starts : 24.00 a.m from Basecamp Mangli Kaliangkrik Magelang +/- 12 Hours Returns  

What’s included :

  1. 1X Coffee or tea break at Basecamp
  2. 2 bottle mineral water @1.500ml
  3. 1 X Snack Box
  4. Local guide for Hiking
  5. Return transfers from Jogja City/Hotel to Mangli Village Kaliangkrik Magelang by Private Car.

Local Guide Range :
1-3 participants 1 local Guide
4-6 participants 2 local Guide

What’s Excluded :

  1. Travel Insurance
  2. Personal Expenses
  3. Personal equipment
  4. Extra meals and drinks
  5. Private porter which carry your personal equipment (Jacket, Camera, Tripod etc). Additional @ Rp. 
  6. Services not mentioned above

The "new normal" protocol for hikers of Mount Sumbing is as follows:

  1. Hikers should be 17 years old or older and bring their ID cards.
  2. Hikers should bring a health certificate from a health agency, hospital, community health center (Puskesmas) or clinic, issued no longer than three days before the day of hiking.
  3. Each hiker should bring four masks, to be worn for a maximum of four hours each.
  4. Hikers should bring their own hand sanitizer.
  5. Hikers should bring their own eating and drinking equipment.
  6. Tents will only accommodate 50 percent of their capacity. For example, only two people are allowed in a four-person tent. Tents must be at least 1.5 meters away from each other.
  7. Hikers should always don masks in public areas and while interacting with other people.
  8. Hikers should wash their hands often with soap and running water, or hand sanitizer. (gis/kes)


Daily Hiking Slope Merapi via Kaliurang Southern Mt. Merapi click here

Preparation :

***** Good Mountain Jacket , long sleeved T- shirt or polo shirt , Mountain shoes, raincoat, some bread, fruits and flash light*****

Today’s sunrise at Mount Sumbing klick here

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