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Daily Soft Trekking Slope Mount Merapi Starting Kaliurang

Daily Soft Trekking Slope Mount Merapi Starting Kaliurang

Daily Soft Trekking Slope Merapi

An alternative way for nature and adventure lovers to escape from the heat of Yogyakarta and Central Java by an adventurous and unique experience through a variety of walks, treks, and nature tours up Mt. Merapi. This treks not to Merapi Summit only slope Merapi of Bunker Kaliaadem Area.

Mt Merapi has been revered for millennia by the Javanese as a sacred peak and it remains a spectacular, tremendous sight no matter how many times you see it as it is truly one of the World’s most beautiful mountains 

These exercusion allow you not only to appreciate the beauty of the natural surroundings when led by professional and knowledgeable local guides, but also to understand the important role of Mt. Merapi in Javanese Culture. it is a potent mystical symbol of life and it is ritually celebrated as such by the Sultan and people of Yogyakarta every year. 

These exercusion are organized by Merapi Adventure through Vogels Hostel in Kaliurang and its channels. Both of these organization are locally owned and operated with a deep respect for the natural and cultural history of Mt. Merapi and its people

Daily Soft Trekking Slope Merapi

PAX 1 2 3-5 6-UP
DOMESTIC 850.000 700.000 650.000 600.000
FOREIGNER 850.000 700.000 650.000 600.000

Price per person in Indonesian Rupiahs :

6 Hours Return 

Starts : 05.00 a.m from Vogels Hostel Kaliurang Yogyakarta 

What’s Included :

  1. Breakfast and lunch
  2. 2 bottle mineral water @600ml 
  3. local guide for Hiking
  4. Return transfers from Jogja City/Hotel to Kaliurang by private car.

What’s Excluded :

  1. Travel Insurance
  2. Personal Expenses
  3. Personal equipment
  4. Extra meals and drinks
  5. Private porter which carry your personal equipment (Jacket, Camera, Tripod etc)
  6. Services not mentioned above

Time Frame :
03.15 Pick up from your hotel in Jogjakarta city and drop off at Vogels Hotel Kaliurang by private car
04.00 Breakfast and Morning Class of Soft trekking Merapi ( Joint Hiking )
05.00 Start Soft Trekking Merapi from Vogels Hotel (Joint Hiking )
05.30 Sunrise at Turgo Hill Kaliurang (Joint Hiking )
07.30 Maridjan Village (Joint Hiking )
09.00 Bunker Kaliadem & Fomer lava flow (Joint Hiking )
10.00 Get Down to Basecamp (Joint Hiking )
11.30 Finish for Soft Trekking at Vogels Hotel (Joint Hiking )
11.30 Lunch at Vogels Hotel
12.15 Back to Yogyakarta or next destination by private car
13.30 Arrived at Your Hotel in Yogyakarta

Booking 24 Hours in advance 

Preparation :

****** Use long sleeved T- shirt or polo shirt , good shoes, raincoat, some bread, fruits and flash light***** 

Today’s sunrise at Mount Merapi klick here



Hiking to Merapi summit via Selo Village Northern Mt. Merapi click here 

Hiking to Mt. Merbabu summit click here

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Trekking ke Puncak Gunung Sindoro melalui Basecamp Alang Alang sewu Wonosobo klik disini

Soft Trekking Gunung Andong melalui Basecamp Sawit klik disini

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