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One Day Private Mount Merbabu Trekking Tour via Selo Boyolali

One Day Private Mount Merbabu Trekking Tour via Selo Boyolali

Hiking Mount Merbabu Summit 3.143sml

Climbing Mount Merbabu Sunrise Trekking, With good (normal) physical condition the walk of 14 km up and down will take you around 14 hours. Usually people start at 11.00pm and finish at 11.00am. To make the trip more enjoyable it is good to decide for camping in camp 4( most popular, crowded in high season) or in camp 5.
Indonesian tourists usually start around 1pm, reach camp 4 or 5 ( around 3.5-4.5hours trek) and than spend the night in a tent and start trekking on the next day to see the sunrise. From camp 4 is around 1.5 hours trek to the top, from camp 5 it is one hour.

Now one day  climbing to Mount Merbabu Start 08.00 am  or  4 pm for Camping

Time Frame :

05.00- 07.30 Pick up at your hotel in Yogyakarta City Area then drive to Selo village
07.30-08.00 Arrive Selo Village Coffee or tea break, simple briefing, meet up with the guide
08.00-10.30 1st : Basecamp Selo 1.836 sml Start trekking - Dok Malang Post 2.189sml (1.770m - 90 mins)
10.30-11.15 2nd : Dok Malang 1st Post 2.189sml - Simpang Macan 2.270 sml ( 568m-45 mins )
11.15-11.55 3rd : Simpang Macan 2.270 sml - Pandean 2nd Post 2.412sml (421m- 40 mins)
11.55-12.25 4th : Pandean 2nd Post 2.412sml - Watu Tulis 3rd Post 2.593sml (603m- 35 mins)
12.25-13.25 5th : Watu Tulis 3rd Post 2.593sml - Sabana 1 (Jemblongan) (648m- 60 mins)
13.25-13.55 6th : Sabana 1 (Jemblongan) 2.770sml - Sabana 2 ( Gunung Kenong ) 2.856sml (323m- 30 mins)
13.55-15.25 7th : Sabana 2 ( Gunung Kenong ) 2.856sml - Puncak Triangulasi 3.139sml (916m- 90 mins)
15.25-15.35 8th : Puncak Triangulasi 3.139sml - Puncak Kenteng Songo 3.142sml ( 123m – 10mins) , Mt. Merbabu summit 3.143sml
15.35-16.15 9th :Puncak Kenteng Songo 3.142sml ( 123m – 10mins) , Mt. Merbabu summit 3.143sml ( Enjoy the summit 40 mins )
16.15 Go back to starting point
19.00 Simple Dinner
20.00 Back to Yogyakarta or next destination

Price per person in Indonesian Rupiahs  :

PAX CUR 1 2 3-UP
FOREIGNER ( ENGLISH SPEAKING GUIDE ) IDR 2.600.000 1.850.000 1.600.000

 12 Hours Returns +/- 5,63 kms one way

Starts : 08.00 a.m from Selo Village 

What’s Included :

  1. 1X Coffee or tea break
  2. 1 X Simple Dinner
  3. 2 bottle mineral water @1.500ml
  4. 1 X Snack Box
  5. local guide for Hiking
  6. Return transfers from Jogja City/Hotel to Selo Village by Private Car.

What’s Excluded :

  1. Travel Insurance
  2. Personal Expenses
  3. Personal equipment
  4. Extra meals and drinks
  5. Private porter which carry your personal equipment (Jacket, Camera, Tripod etc) Additional Porter @ Rp. 750.000,-/porter
  6. Services not mentioned above

Local Guide Range :
1-3 participants 1 local Guide
4-6 participants 2 local Guide

Preparation :

****** Good Jacket, long sleeved T- shirt or polo shirt , good shoes, raincoat, some bread, fruits and flash light*****


Booking 2 Days in advance 

Merapi Daily Hiking via Kaliurang Southern Mt. Merapi click here

Starting 22 May 2018  - UFN : Hiking to Mount Merapi summit  closed . Please choose another one Soft Trekking Andong Mountain or Trekking Sumbing summit  or Trekking Sindoro Summit

Today’s sunrise at Mount Mebabu klick here


Dengan demikian, mulai 9 Oktober 2021 besok, sudah ada tiga jalur pendakian resmi Gunung Merbabu yang dibuka, yaitu Thekelan (Kabupaten Semarang) serta Suwanting dan Wekas (Kabupaten Magelang). Jalur yaitu Selo (Kabupaten Boyolali) dan Cuntel (Kabupaten Semarang) sudah dibuka per 8 Maret 2022.. Silahkan dibooking

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